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Joint health in dogs

Arthritis and joint pain can be seen in our companions as they start to become older and enter their senior years the same as humans as we get older. As our best friends we want to make them comfortable and give them the best life possible. Signs of joint pain can include:

• Hesitating jumping on and off the sofa/chair/bed

• Slow getting up from laying down

• Stiffness when walking

• Slowing down on walks

• Sleeping more

• Colder months affecting them more

There are ways to help with arthritis/joint pain. A change in food that is made specifically for older dogs will contain more supplements and better for your dog as well as more vitamins and mineral. Asking your vet or local canine nutritionist will help you decide the best diet for your dog. You can either give your dog joint supplements in their food which helps build up the collagen in between the bones but some may work for one dog but not another so it’s always best to ask a vet which is the best to use. To help relieve pain your vet might prescribe NSAIDS (anti-inflammatory drugs) that help reduce the swelling and pain in your dogs joints. Another help for your dog is hydrotherapy which not many people think of or even heard about. Hydrotherapy is a controlled exercise in a specific canine pool and set at a specific temperature with a hydrotherapist. The water helps support your dogs joints and they benefit from the exercise without causing pain. It also helps build up muscle around that certain joint giving more support. Whatever route you choose for your dog, advice from the vet will help you towards the right plan of action.

Hannah x

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