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Raw, Cooked, Dry or Wet?

Many people can get confused with all the different options there is to feed your dog. I will talk a little about each one to help you decide which is the best diet for your dog or new puppy. Raw - 80% meat, 10% bone, 10% offal or these amounts with vegetable/fruit added in. Many people are going more towards a raw diet for their dog. It is believed that a raw diet is best as it’s similar to what the dogs ancestors would of eaten in the wild. You can buy already made raw food diet or you can do D.I.Y but these can be confusing at first till you have worked out percentages of what your dog needs. The downside is the meat is raw so many people worry about bacteria.

Cooked - these meals are what you would cook for yourself and feed to your family. Instead of the meat being raw it’s cooked as well as the grain and you steam the veg and fruit. The downside to this diet is working out how much meat, grain and vegetables your dog needs as well as adding bone supplement and vitamins.

Dry/Wet - this food has been processed and heated to high temperature, because of this it looses some of its nutritional value. It is the cheapest food out of all and is better for people who are on a budget. These diets can have added multivitamins to make it more ‘healthier’ for dogs. I hope this little in-site to different food types helps you decide in your price range the best food to give your dog or new puppy.

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